What is a Blue Zone?


A Blue Zone Community leverages the common principles discovered in Dan Buettner's reporting on the Blue Zones around the world - rare longevity hotspots. These areas include the Italian island of Sardinia, Okinawa, Japan, Loma Linda, California, Costa Rica's isolated Nicoya Peninsula, and Ikaria, an isolated Greek island. 

Living longer, better

Blue Zones initiatives focus on improving life in the place where you spend 90% of your time. They measure progress in terms of the quality of life enjoyed by our employers, schools, restaurants, grocery stores, faith organizations, and even in our homes. 

As an added bonus, Blue Zone Communities find that they attract both new employers and new residents who want to live in a community actively taking steps to ensure their health and happiness.

Sound familiar?

Blue Zones Projects promote wide open spaces, free play, healthy choices, and volunteerism - all of which are already a part of the Wilton DNA.

The Blue Zones Project is about learning how to transform our community to live longer, better.

Want to hear more?

Hear from the Blue Zone Experts at an informational meeting on October 23, 2018.